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  • Kelsey Redd, CMHC

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    Kelsey Redd, MS, CMHC

    Mental Health Therapist, Specializing in Reproductive and Maternal Mental Health



    Kelsey  is a Clinical Mental Health Counselor, specializing in infertility, perinatal mood disorders, and grief counseling.  Kelsey is a trained Mindful Self-Compassion Teacher, Yoga Instructor, and Massage Therapist.  She feels strongly about the mind-body connection and utilizes mindfulness skills in her clinical practice.

    Kelsey has personal experience with infertility, and understands the trauma that comes from years of longing to build a family.  Kelsey has been married for 14 years, and has 3 year old boy/girl twins, which were miracle IVF babies, and a baby girl who just turned 1.  In her free time, Kelsey loves the outdoors, especially skiing, hiking, camping, or playing pickleball!