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  • Faith Transition Support Group

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    Faith Transition Support Group

    Cost: $75 per person/per group

    Changes in beliefs, faith or religious practice can be very difficult to navigate, impacting relationships with friends and family.   Anxiety and fear may inhibit your ability to talk about your new lifestyle and can come at great cost, with increasing feelings of shame, guilt and deep personal doubt can set in.

    So, what is the path forward when you leave a faith culture that once provided you with certainty, a sense of community, and a direction for your life? Do you leave every part of your faith identity behind or keep what fits? What does this mean for your family and friend relationships, that were once grounded in a shared belief, lifestyle and religious faith?

    This group is a safe, non-judgmental, neutral place, facilitated by Tawni Jacobson, ACMHC, who has unique professional training and expertise in theology and mental health.