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  • Pornography Addiction

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    If you have said to yourself, “I don’t want to look at porn anymore,” yet you go back to it anyway, time and time again, you may be addicted to pornography.

    Porn addiction, often coupled with compulsive masturbation, is the most common form of sexual addiction. It occurs when a person loses the ability to choose whether he or she will continue to view pornography.

    Porn addiction often distorts a person’s view of intimacy and healthy sexuality.  In addition, engaging in this form of addictive behavior is not just to have ‘fun’ or ‘feel good’, but to escape or numb yourself from painful emotions and a negative view of self.

    There is a tremendous amount of shame surrounding pornography, preventing most people who struggle with it, from talking about it.  Most people keep it a secret and don’t want anyone to know that this is a challenge for them.  It can negatively impact how you view yourself, your relationships, your employment, and even your spirituality.

    We are here to help you find a pathway out of your addiction, without judgment, but with empathy and compassion.  Give us a call.