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  • EMDR

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    Have distressing or adverse life events caused anxiety, depression, or disconnection?

    Do you need professional help coming to terms with the loss of a loved one?

    Do you suffer from trauma related scars, nightmares, or flashbacks?

    Do you experience migraine, chronic, or phantom pain?

    Are you suffering from post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD)?

    You should know you are not alone.

    According to a study published in the Journal of Traumatic Stress, the prevalence of PTSD is 8.3%, 4.7%, and 3.8% of the population, over a lifetime, the past year, and the past six month period. Add to this those who don’t fit the PTSD criteria yet face health challenges after enduring adverse life events and the numbers are huge.

    This means that millions of Americans just like you are suffering from serious, life altering signs and symptoms, and they need help to heal and recover.

    And as overwhelming and complex as trauma can feel, recovery is possible. Eye movement desensitization and reprocessing (EMDR) has been shown to be effective for issues like those mentioned above, and more.

    As an article published in The Permanente Journal says, “EMDR therapy provides…an efficient approach to address psychological and physiologic symptoms stemming from adverse life experiences. ” (1)

    So if these describe you

    • You struggle with anxiety or depression
    • You relive traumatic events with accompanying unwanted memories, vivid images, palpitations, panic attacks
    • You are easily startled, feel on edge or are often irritable
    • You have trouble experiencing joy, love or other positive emotions
    • Chronic pain is negatively impacting on your life
    • You’d like professional help to better cope with previous trauma
    • You wish to create an easier, happier, more connected life

    …Then eye movement desensitization and reprocessing could be the right therapeutic approach for you.

    EMDR is a powerful psychotherapeutic approach that helps lessen, even eliminate, the painful mental and physical responses raised by the memory of traumatic events and seeks to create new healthier patterns in your brain.

    In EMDR we work with you through eight critical phases to safely identify the distressing memory or memories and those situations that bring emotional and physical suffering, desensitize your body and brain to harmful responses, and aim for rapid and positive therapeutic change. We teach you techniques to manage stress on your own and enable optimal therapy.

    Success with EMDR results in relief from emotional and mental distress, adjusts and redefines beliefs, and contributes to a relaxed and calmer mind and body. If you’d like us to show you how EMDR can help you find new peace, please contact us today for an appointment.